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Our Philosophy-

      We like to have fun and we like to make cool interesting beers


As of June 2013, below is a list of the beers I regularly have on tap.   I only have 11 taps so I don't have all of them available at the same time.

Applicious Ale

Like apple pie in a glass, but with alcohol in it.   Very delicious                         5% ABV

Oral Pleasure

It’s light and hoppy like an IPA, but it’s not an ale.   It’s technically a California common, or steam beer.   So, it’s an IPS.   The same malt and hops as the Golden Boy, just different yeast.  7.5 % ABV 93 IBU

Pop My Cherry Ale

It’s a pale ale infused with tart cherries.   Almost like a sour, but it’s not.   Very refreshing  4.8% ABV

Upside Brown

Our Brown Pub Ale.   The complexity of this delicious, drinkable brown ale will give you something to think about while drinking it   7.5% ABV

Hell’s Belge

A dark, strong Belgian-styled ale.   Fruity and delicous.    10% ABV

Super Destroyer

A dark, malty ale with a nice hop bite.   Maltiness primarily from Caramunich and Caravienne malts.

7.5 % ABV  90 ibu

Heaven’s Belge

It’s golden colored Belgian Style beer.   Mmmmm 8.6% ABV

Honey Badger Don’t Care.

It’s dark, but crisp.   You can sense the honey.   It’s just plain awesome.  10.5% ABV

Down and  Out Stout

Serious roastiness and chocolate flavor from both Roasted Barley and Black Patent Malt.  7% ABV 

Sensitive Guy

An amber malty, ale with a little Hop bite primarily from Columbus Hops   7.3% ABV  65 IBU

Delicate Genius

A collaboration with Intergalactic Brewing Company, a coffee porter with a hint of orange.   Savour the subtle flavors.   5% ABV

The Dude Abides Rye

Light and refreshing with a distinct rye flavor.    And if you don’t like that, well that’s just like you’re opinion, man

Super Ridiculous Stout

It’s a double chocolate oatmeal milk imperial stout that’s fermented with Belgian ale yeast.  

12.5  % ABV

Braveheart Scottish Ale

A strong Scottish style ale flavored primarily with heather   9% ABV 

Golden Boy

A very distinct citrusy flavor comes through with this powerful pale ale   7.5 % ABV 93 IBU

Beowulf’s Mead

The gods of Asgaard should be so lucky as to have such a sweet but satisfying honey beverage  10 % ABV

Spicy Boy

It’s our IPA with a little taste of Jalepenos   7.3% ABV 65 IBU

Crazy Stupid Bitch

You will regret it if you order this beer. You’ll keep coming back but you won’t know why. Amber in color with a carmelly burnt flavor and a serious hop bitterness. It’s delicious, but we don’t know why 7.5 % ABV 93 IBU

Pineapple Express

A mild pale ale brewed with actual pineapple. mmmm 5% ABV

Floral Pleasure

It’s a variation on Oral Pleasure, which is similar to an IPA, but it's not an ale. It's fermented with lager yeast, but it gives it an interesting different character. It's dry hopped with some simcoe hops which make it very floral in character. Hence, Floral Pleasure, also known as Full Oral Pleasure. 7.5 % ABV

Poor Social Skills

It's a dark and malty barleywine. The alcohol is up there, but it's pretty delicious. Have a couple of these and your etiquette may suffer. 13% ABV


Light and hoppy pale ale.   Just plain good to drink.                                           4.5% ABV      90 IBU